I love flats. I love metallic colors. And I love the color purple. While flipping and clicking through the pages of eLuxury.com, I found this baby.

Melissa Night III Purple Flat

Melissa Night III Cut-Out Flat

– Hypoallergenic plastic material easily molds to the foot, providing superior comfort while being 100% safe to your health
– Rounded toe
– Asymmetrical strap on outer side with long cut-out
– Soft, padded foam insole
– Treaded plastic sole
– 0.75″ heel
– Made in Brazil

I’m so inlove! This would be great for a movie date or just for the mall with your friends. I love flats so much, because I wear almost two inches of heels everyday to work. This would look great with a simple blouse and some white shorts. I’ve had Melissa’s before and they are pretty comfy. Very lightweight and can easily remove dirt, and you do not have to worry about getting it all wet too. And it’s not all about the feeling of having jelly footwear, I also hate that one too. Some jelly flats would give me corns and calluses after wearing them for hours in a mall or somewhere else. Other than that, Melissa has pretty designs to choose from.  This purple number is really a must have. Click here for more Melissa Shoes.

I’m still waiting for the Hello Kitty MAC that I ordered. I can’t wait!