I heard one story from one of my colleagues. This secretary under a department of PGMA’s government was on a Manila to Cebu flight. Right before taking off, a flight attendant asked Mr. Secretary to turn of his phone – for the nth time.  Shaking his hand to the flight attendant’s face, while the other hand was on his phone talking to someone else, “Kita mo nang may kausap ako eh, matatapos na to.” To everyone’s surprise, a passenger seated a row after him shouted, “Kaya walang nangyayari sa gobyerno natin eh, dahil sa mga taong pasaway na katulad mo!” Everybody started to laugh and the flight attendant giggled and just walked away.

I think it’s a really funny story. To his embarassment he shut his mouth and turned his phone off. He closed his eyes right after airborne and slept the entire duration of the flight.

I’ve been onto flights with some policitians, ex-politians, celebrities, and people who’s from an affluent family. But I’ve never experienced a passenger would actually react like that to someone else.

Well I hope Mr. Secretary learned his lesson.

I’ve been toting around this chocolate bar for weeks.


Lotte’s Ghana Mild Cacao Chocolate Bar

I’ve been craving for this bar for months! Finally I got the chance to grab a few of them in a Duty Free in Incheon Airport. You got to love Incheon Airport. It’s like a mall. I also got a few Hello Kitty items from a store but I’ll post them next time because I have to get ready to bed.