Next to my most number of comsetics, which lipsticks come in first are mascaras. I’ve cleaned my room couple of days ago and I even saw masacaras that I last used it when I was in high school! Yes I started to wear mascara in high school. Back then I cannot leave my house without some lipgloss and masacara. I don’t know why. Asian eyes tend to have their lashes straight and pointed somewhat downwards. So I learned to use the eyelash curler which some men would think as a torturing device, and of course some mascara. Through the years I’ve been using different kinds of mascaras for low-end to hi-end brands. Some mascaras would promise you to give full-length lashes but apparently not. I tumbled onto The Beauty Bunny’s page and read this article about how to keep your lashes at its best.

15 Tips For Your Best Lashes Ever