First. The impacted wisdom tooth that has been killing me last year came back at the very same day. I know I’m supposed to go to a dentist and let it checked out but I’m way too scared, so far. I hate dental clinics. Dentists, their tools, the smell of the clinic itself! As far as I know, we would not be able to be asleep if we’re undergoing some dental operation or something like that. So we’re awake. And if you’re awake, you can feel the pain. See the dentist’s face, hear him or her talk and give you instructions and tell you what to expect, and actually see what are they inserting in your mouth. As well as what are they removing, like wisdom tooth!. I’m a chicken for this. I’d rather see myself get cut and see gallons of blood. Okay I’d stop know, it’s getting kind of gross.

Second. I left my other toiletry bag in a hotel room in Hong Kong. =( Most of my flight essentials are there. So I have to start from zero on getting on those stuff again. Plus I really love that toiletry bag of mine! I need to get a new one from Eagle Creek again. Eagle Creek makes durable toiletry and cosmetic bags. I’ve had that one for years.

Anyway. Yeah. Gray skies are over me today. I’m not feeling any better. I feel sick, tired, stressed out, hungry but don’t want to eat. Thankfully the BF gave me cookies – he knows that cookies are one of my comfort foods. Yes, one, because I have tons. Hehe. This afternoon he brought me on of my most ever favorite cookies in the entire world – Milano Cookies.

Milano Mint

It made my day, keeping the grey skies above my head gone. I just kept on munching them while flipping the channels and curling on the couch turning my cellphone off so I can rest. Plus the mefanamic acid that slowly relieves my toothache.

So I’m off to the mall and drugstore to get some things to replace my lost toiletry bag.