Finding time for myself is kind of hard these past few weeks. I miss home! I miss home cooking, my bed, my DVD’s, the kitchen, and everything else and everyone at home. So I tried to squeeze in everything in my two-days off to settle everything and even pay my bills. So I’m loving the weather right now. May just started and it’s not yet supposed to rain here in a tropical country like this. People are supposed to hit the beach and have their last hurrah before going back to school. It feels like June already. When you are about to wake up with gloomy skies and then get lazy later on before heading to work or school. Having breakfast with clam chowder or chicken noodles which I totally miss and hot buns with melting butter, hot cocoa by my mom with lotsa cinnamon and my muffins that I bring along with me wherever I go. That I surely miss. So yeah I get tired of flying and going from one place to another and them coming back here, then doing it all over again. So nostalgia bugs me again with this kind of weather that we’re having, missing home so much.

I cannot wait for my long vacation so I can have time for everything. I’m missing merely half of my life because of the job that I’m having but I am not complaining with it. I love my work but I got to have some time to squeeze everything in just so little time. So right now, I’m waiting for lunch then I’ll go to hit the spa before I leave the city again tomorrow.

Later! Don’t forget your umbrellas!