I came from a Kuala Lumpur flight yesterday. It was pretty good. All the passengers behaved pretty well and so as the kids. Probably it’s a red-eye flight so everybody was dozzing off. So then I realized this morning that I am already way behind Lost! Season 5 is done and they will make the last season and probably show it maybe next year. That’s a drag. So yeah I’m off for two days and I think I will stay at home for those two days and do nothing but to watch the remaining episodes. Need to stock up on popcorn and some chips.

Tokidoki Airlines Watch

Tokidoki Airlines Watch for $105.00

I bought a watch recently. Not really a fan of Tokidoki but after seeing (and having) those Hello Kitty Tokidoki items, I saw this watch online and decided to get it. I know it’s kind of expensive. I just like the uniqueness and would wear it for casual days because I broke my other watch. 🙂