To our dear passengers, please please please! No matter which part of the world you came from, which airline you bought a ticket from, and whichever class that you’re sitting in to, don’t use the air sickness bag as a garbage bag! Yeah we all know these are all disposables. We toss the used ones out anyway after each every leg. But please, don’t waste it! Most airlines are saving fuel – not just the fuel but the supplies that we use in-flight. Flight attendants know that there are tons of uses of an air sickness bag. But please do not just waste it by tearing it up just to place your gum. Instead ask for a napkin from a cabin crew and they will gladly throw it for you in the waste bin. We’d appreciate that you don’t stick it under your seat or under the armrest, or even between the pages of the in-flight magazine. Right?

Don’t even let your little kids play with it, tear it into pieces and make it as a confetti. 🙂 Thankyouverymuch!