So I’m on reserve for the week. I don’t know if that is good or bad. I am wondering which destination they will throw me into. Also good because I can now have my spa sessions that I have been longing for weeks. A good haircut will do too. Yesterday I went online shopping/hauling again. So you see we merely have time to go to the mall so online shopping is also quite convenient for us. Thank God for coupons and codes! Now I have discounts! And I do not mind the free shipping. Speaking of free shipping, order now from and you’ll get free shipping if you order $60 or more. Recently ordered my Euristorcats II lippies and Colour Craft MSF’s and Eyeshadow Quads. Apart from that I’ve been eyeing on this Eiffel Tower wall decal that I’ve been wanting for weeks. Plus the Audrey Hepburn one that costs too much, but it’s okay though. Still I want to redecorate my room and have a major general cleaning. Need to throw away a lot of things and give some more of the things that I don’ t need anymore.

See you later guys! Enjoy your Sunday! Now I need to finish this panini under the chilling weather. :*