Here’s a list of what else that I do with my ever trusting petroleum jelly.

  • I place some around my nails before I put on my first coat of nail polish. So I could just wipe the excess out with a Q-tip in a jiff without using nail polish remover.
  • In restoring leather bags, I would wipe a little amount of PJ onto it using a facial tissue and scrub it with circular motions lightly. It protects my bags from other stains as well as the rain.
  • Also I put on some onto my leather shoes as if I am putting on shoe polish. And yes it protects leather from cracking and water.
  • Chapped lips – be gone! Putting onto my lips before going to sleep does the trick. You will wake up happy.
  • If you have those wheels from your luggage that are stuck and feels tight? I put some PJ using Q-tips and they will work again smoothly.
  • Untamed brows? Not a problem.
  • No lip gloss? Not a problem too! Just don’t put too much or else you will look like you’ve been eating food with too much oil.
  • It can make your nameplates shine.
  • Before going to sleep, slather onto your elbows to moisturize.
  • Stuck rings on your fingers can slide off easily.
  • Hinges with rust will go on smoothly.
  • As well as your zippers.
  • And of course for your cracked heels.