Apparently after having a long haul flight, I came home and woke up the following morning with a major headache. Followed by sneezes and sniffles and then a fever. After a few hours I realized that I already have watery eyes. Later on called at the office and told the clerk that I’ll be on sick leave. So now I’m on my third day, with nothing else to do because I already finished the two dvd’s on Gossip Girl Seasons 1 and 2. Now I cannot wait for season 3! But I am a bit okay now, compared to the past few days that I can barely stand up straight. My trash bin is almost full of tissues. Was too lazy (way too lazy) to get up, now my back hurts because I was on bed all day. I only have the chance to get up if I’ll be heading down the bathroom.  So yeah the sun hasn’t been around for days and making my flu worse. Drinking tons of water makes me feel like drowning. So thank God my mom makes the best dalandan juice, and warm calamansi juice. Also what comforts me, Body Shop’s Olive Body Butter. It’s my third tub and it’s so luxurious for me. I always slather onto my elbows and knees and calves before going to sleep. It feels so soft in the morning.  I always carry it with me wherever I go and don’t mind if it’s a bit heavy. On the lighter note, I bought some stuff with me during the layover. I finally got the NYX palette that I wanted. Will post swatches soon.

So right now I’ll go back to bed and try to have a catnap in bit. 🙂