I haven’t been opening my Polyvore account for weeks now. I think I grew out of it. Recently my cousin who is fourteen introduced me to Looklet.com. It’s kind of the same thing but not it comes with a model and a few backgrounds to choose from. It’s like your digital paper doll but better. One thing though, Polyvore has tons of clothes, shoes and even extra stuff to chose from than Looklet. Nontheless it’s cute and totally addicting. Seriously, for the same day I registered, I already had eight looks.

There’s more of that where it came from. I can stay on this site for hours. Get your own account now!

So anyway I was pulled out from a Nagoya flight to LAX. Which I find it very weird because I have already three LAX this month? Long haul flights are now haunting me because I’m running out books to read and stories to tell to the crew during galley gossip sessions. Hehe. But I think that’s okay though because I get to have my hands on those NYX lippies and palletes again. Weee! I need to start packing again and bring some additional clothes though.

See you in a few days. 🙂 Enjoy your week!