One major rule when you have make up on, make sure to take it ALL OFF. Especially before going to bed. I’ve had an experience when I was a teenager. I was all out one night partying with my friends. (No I wasn’t drunk. lol.) Came home so dead tired and decided to leave my make up on and just started brushing my teeth and changing my clothes. The morning after, washed my face and went to school. When I got home, I’ve noticed that I was already breaking out. From then on, I’ve never hit the sack without removing make up on my face. And through the years, I’ve discovered a lot of make up removers that really works for me, especially on my very sensitive skin.

And since I have very sensitive skin, I’ve been using some products that wouldn’t really harm. I’ve been using them on my skin care routine for years, and a little addons since I started flying. So I had my own routine using some products that I love.

1. First of on washing my face. I basically use two cleansers. One is Cetaphil. I love Cetaphil mainly because it’s very gentle on everyone else’s skin. I can use this everyday withtout irritating my skin from harmful ingredients that other cleansers have. Also using this one after removing make up, it doesn’t feel stingy and it feels really smooth minus the dry patches that some would leave. For face scrubs, I’ve started to love this Olay Clarify and Cleanse Scrub. For once a week, I try to use facial scrub to remove dead skin and to unclogged pores from the trails of make up and dirt. In my job, I would rarely have visits to the facial center to get deep facial treatments, so I do them at home.

2. Speaking of facials, I bought myself a face steamer. I got mine at my local Watson’s store. You can get one online or even at your neighboorhood drugstore. Just plug it in and pour on some water to the reservoir and steam will come out. If you cannot find one, you can always boil some water and place it in a small basin. Then let your face catch the steam. A great alternative for diamond peels that are pricey and gentler and more natural too. It will leave your skin feeling refreshed with a glow, thus opening the pores and releases dirt. If you hate the heat, you can always try Neutrogena’s Wave Power Cleanser. It’s a new cult fave.

Neutrogena Wave™ Power-Cleanser - Available at Watson's for Php595

Neutrogena Wave™ Power-Cleanser - Available at Watson's for Php595

3. Toners. Some say that it is not really necessary to use toners. Some say it would even strip some natural oils causing dryness to the skin. It actually depends on your skin type. But be careful to choose the perfect one. I use Neutrogena’s Alcohol-Free Toner. I use  cotton ball with a few drops of the toner. Dirt and make up residue will be removed, and your skin will feel refreshed and clean. I love Neutrogena’s toner because it’s not too strong, and it doesn’t dry my skin.

4. I use two moiturizers as well. My skin tends to become dry after removing make up and sometimes when I wake up. Literally I’m always 37,000 feet up in the air so there’s little moisture and the air inside the cabin is so humid, thus making our skin dry. So it needs to be rehyrdrated from time to time. I use Korres Yogurt Cream. It’s divine. Feels so soft after putting some on, and it’s not greasy so my skin quickly absorbs the product. Korres is Greek made, so they know what’s good for you since they’ve been here for thousands of years. I also use the classic Nivea cream. I do not like moisturizers that has too much fragrance. I feel like they are too strong and would overpower your body splash or perfume.

5. Also, let’s not forget your eyes. On your early twenties, you would notice little lines under your eyes. Tugging and stretching of the skin may cause it, as well as rubbing your eyes. The skin around it is very sensitive so we have to take care of it. That’s why we need to replenish and rehydrate, so we need to drink a lot of water. So since I was twenty-one, I’ve noticed lines under my skin. Dermatologist said to use an eye cream that would repair damaged skin. So I use Olay Total Effects Eye Transforming Cream. I use this before going to bed. The following day, you will noticed that the skin around your eyes become firmer and the dark circles are quite unnoticeable. Tested it for a week and noticed that the skin around my eyes became more firmer, minus the fine lines. Of course without the proper nutrition and drinking of much water needed, your eyes and the skin around it would become dry and dull. Eye creams are a bit pricier because they have ingredients that would nourish your skin, and believe me it’s all worth it.

6. So on make up removers, I use Neutrogena’s On Stop Gentle Cleanser. I’ve been using this since they came up with this product. It’s gentle as always, removes every streak of make up, and even waterproof mascara. For layovers, I bring the Neutrogena’s Deep Clean Oil-Free Facial Wipes. I seriously love Neutrogena’s products because they always do what they are supposed to do. They are very gentle, hypoallergenic, and budget friendly.

You can also use petroleum jelly, baby oil, and olive oil to remove make up. Use it with a cotton ball or a cotton pad.

To achieve a glowing skin, drink plenty of water and have enough rest. Plus, exercise if you can as well. Remember what you put on your face, must come off.

Happy Monday you guys!