For some reason I feel so drained, hungry and tired after coming home from a flight this early morning. The moment I got home, I drank lots of water and some tea before going to bed. And the moment I woke up after having trouble sleeping, I gobbled up on some adobo with rice and a slice of chocolate cake. And now I’m all getting drowsy again, but not sleepy. Jetlag!

Anyway I saw this shirt, and I completely fell in love with. Of course every GG Fan wants one.

mrs_chuck_bass_tshirt-p235296758555513846tdhl_210$17.95 from But of course you can get one yours here in Manila. There are lots of stores that could customized shirts. Like the T-Shirt Project.

I am fully awake now. Hit the mall and tire myself so I can go to sleep early this evening. Need to fix my body clock. Enjoy the week! Happy Mondays!