Hello there! It’s been a while since I logged in. I find myself very busy with catching up with the world again. Last month I had a lot of long haul flights that causes my body to suffer from jet lag again. So now I’ve been dozzing off tried to fix my body clock again. This month’s roster is quite okay – not so many long hauls and a few domestic flights. I requested for a RON in Cebu so I can be with my batchmates again. Anyway, since I’ve been everywhere this month, I already started my early Christmas shopping. Actually my grandma is the early bird. She does her shopping on October. Already completed the list – from my family, boyfriend, boyfriend’s family, college buddies, colleagues, neighbors, godsons and goddaughters that doubled up this year. I started shopping for my family first. The last would be my boyfriend. I always have a hard time trying to figure out what’s the best gift for him. Of course I have a budget. But I really want to give something what he really needs. I’m the type who would always think of what to give to someone, so I can that he or she can really use it, not recycle it for next year. Hehe. I have this medium sized box in room. Literally. I place most of the things that I’ve bought and have my list with me. I’m obsessive-compulsive like that. Then next would be the hoarding of gift boxes, wrappers, and tons of ribbons. In this household, I basically do all of the wrapping. It’s my job since I was a kid. So the entire clan would know that I was the one who wrapped the presents because they know my style.

I am also looking for bazaars this season. Somehow I missed the numerous bazaars all over the city last month since I had a busy schedule. Would help if someone would give me details. 🙂

So it’s my second day off. Now I’ll be heading to do some groceries and do some dog sitting since my cousins are out of town. And I’m stuck in the city to do some errands.