Another thing that worries me a lot other than uber delayed flights and rude pax and my contact lenses. And good thing that most airlines would accept applicants wearing contacts. I’ve been wearing contacts since college and since I started flying, I experienced the downside of wearing a pair. Inside an aircraft, dry, humid air circulates around the entire cabin. Not to mention the pressure inside. At times you would experience dry eyes if you fly frequently. Especially on long hauls. I on the other hand, had experienced the agony – discomforts of wearing contact lenses in flight. If you purchased a brand new pair of contacts, you would notice the feeling of wearing it comfortably. With a few eye drops a long the way, it prolongs of wearing the pair comfortably throughout the day. On my case I wear toric lenses. The ones that has grade and would take a week for ordering since they are customized for your eyesight. On wearing toric lenses, most of these would last for six months. Mine would sometimes last for eight. But nothing would be more irritating than having protein buildup on the outer layer of your contact lenses, making your eyes dry, itching, and red. Our eyes produce protein, coming from the tears. So it makes sense that these protein would cling onto your lenses, make your eyes twitch and itch. Based on my experience, protein buildup would appear after six months or so. During the first time I experienced this years ago, I thought that those eyedrops would do the trick. But proper caring of your lenses – that includes handling it with super clean hands, sterile contact lens solution and case.

1. Before I put on my contacts, I would wash my hands thoroughly and pat them dry. Using my index and thumb, I would gently pick the contact lens for my right eye and slowly insert it into my eye. It took me weeks to master this without blinking back then. After inserting, I would blink several times and insert the other one in my left eye.

2. Never touch the tip of your eyedrops or those huge bottles of solutions. Even if your have clean hands.

3. For removing both of my contacts, of course I always wash my hands again thoroughly. Then I place them into the cases with fresh sterile solution. Do not use the solution to soak your contacts twice. Always throw it out and wash your case everyday.

4. I also put my contacts first before putting on my make up. It’s much easier, and of course you would have clean hands.

5. You can never have too many eyedrops in your bag or luggage. I always bring three with me. One in my shoulder bag, one in my toiletry case, and one in my make up kit.

6. For short flights, like an hour flights, I always find myself putting on a few drops in my eyes to lubricate the lenses. Like what I’ve said, we have very dry air inside the cabin. So that would dry your eyes as well as the contacts. The contacts aren’t really sticking onto your eyes. Our eyes have this outer film with liquid on it, somehow like tears, so that’s where the contacts would be placed, like it floats. So it needs lubrication on dry environments.

7. Never sleep with your contacts. I know that there are some kinds of lenses that are made for prolonged wearing, that you can even sleep with it. But please, don’t do that.

8. Always consult with a doctor. Even if you would just wear those cosmetic ones that are a fad right now. Ask them on how to take care of your eyes, the contacts, and the likes. Especially if it’s your first time.

9. And lastly, rest your eyes from wearing contact lenses. On my case, I use it everyday. So at home, or if I’m just going to the mall or go to the supermarket, I wear a pair of eyeglasses with the same grade as my contacts. Our eyes need to breathe, so we could get rid of dry eyes.

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