In the aviation world, not all passengers, our customers would be always right. You yourself requested for an emergency exit seat you said. So you had it. A crew member greets and briefs you with her warm smile on a beautiful Monday morning, telling you that since you are seated on this row, you have to take some SOP’s and  a little nudge from the crew. Please do not tell us that you fly more than we do. Emergency exit rows are kept free from any obstruction – bags, shopping bags, stuffed toys, everything. Please do not tell us that this is the first time that a crew member asked you politely to stow your bags. A laptop bag, your purse, and 2 shopping bags. Please do not tell us that you always put your bags under those seats in front of you, since it does make sense that during an emergency, your bags would be caught up in the exit, and would make the evacuation a bit slow. For the sense that you will get out first, since you will open the exit window for that matter. Please do not tell us that you’ve read, and memorized the emergency instruction cards that are neatly placed in your seat pocket. We have the prerogative to reseat you, if you don’t comply. And please, do not raise your voice, embarrass the  crew, shoving your Louis Vuitton and telling us that if something gets lost from your precious bag, then it’s our fault? Hmm. Tell us if you’re a frequent flyer. Or better lie. Because it’s an embarrassment for us, your fellow Filipinos, to see you, make a scandal just because you cannot barely understand simple instructions.

Sincerely yours,

your most patient crew

Shining Through. 🙂