I know it’s late so I will not wait another year to greet everyone. Thankfully I didn’t celebrate the Holidays this year on board. And not on New Year’s too. Also I have a wonderful roster this coming January.

Christmas in our home was fine. Finally we were complete this year. Last year I was in mid air, my uncle was in the US for some convention, and two of my cousins were on duty at the hospitals for their rounds. So for this year, nobody missed Noche Buena. Surprisingly I didn’t eat much! I used to binge and starve myself but last December 24th, I think I only ate a piece of chicken, and the rest were mostly desserts. Hehe. Guess that comes with the stress that normally a cabin crew would have. Cause I flew the other day and woke up the following day so there’s no enough room for appetite. On the other hand, I finally got the headphones and portable speakers that I want. Thanks to my mom and my tita!

Skullcandy Lowrider


iHome iP29 Portable Speaker System for iPhone and iPod

And a fellow cabin crew gave me a gadget travel organizer that I really need.

Built NY Cargo Travel Organizer

So for today I’ll be staying home for a while, give the dog a bath, do some errands, and be normal again. 🙂

Happy Monday!