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A dead head is an airline crew member, a pilot or a cabin crew, who is assigned to fly to a particular destination to assume a duty. In the flight where he or she is in, she’s not supposed to work as a crew. He or she shall be in a complete uniform, thus making him or her able to sit on a jumpseat if the flight is full. Deadheading crew are also paid based on their flying time.

A dead head crew is different from a non-revenue. Crew member who use non-rev tickets are using their company’s benefits for their personal travels. If a flight is full and there are no available jumpseats, a deadheading crew can bump off a revenue passenger. However if the flight is full, a revenue passenger or a non-rev crew cannot bump off a deadhead. Non-revs are not allowed to sit on the jumpseat, not unless they are in their full uniform, and as per the captain.

As to most airlines, sitting on a jumpseat makes you an “able crew”. Meaning in case of an emergency, you will be able to assist the operating crew and passengers during evacuation.


A new comfort food though. Enough about eating chocolate cakes, McDonald’s french fries, Oreos, clam chowders and everything else. I’m starting to like tuna with pesto slammed between two toasted wheat bread. That’s what my batchmate made me when we flew together for Vancouver. So I decided to make some for myself a day after we arrived. Weather over Vancouver was crazy. Think about having a chilly weather over there and scorching heat over Manila. Makes you go crazy and would want yourself to lock inside a room with a really cold air conditioner.  The purser also brought this whole chocolate cake from Conti’s which everybody loves because it was her birthday three days ago. Of course the cake didn’t last for more than fifteen minutes!

Surprisingly for this layover, I didn’t get any MAC products. But all I need is that MAC 219 brush that I can’t get my hands on.

So i will have a long three-day off again. I guess I’ll clean my room for tomorrow and throw out junk from last year. I will also try to redecorate my room for a change this year. I’m clearly thinking of a Paris-themed room. Paris, France that is, not Paris Hilton. Hehee.

Good luck to the PEXers who keeps on trying (and not definitely quitting) on applying for a cabin crew position. Do not let others pull you down. You’ll soon have your own wings. 🙂

Since I cannot place a chatbox, shoutbox, tagboard, whatever you may call at my side bar, I will just place a link there so everyone could place messages, questions, but no haters please. 🙂

Happy Monday!

So I’ve not been online for a few weeks now. Having a great roster requires you to have a normal life too. To start the year off I attendant two baptisms and three weddings. Three weddings! Reminds me of the movie 27 Dresses perhaps. Anyway, it almost made me broke on buying a few dresses and shoes as well. And yes some presents too. So for next month, another event to do are a few bridal showers and 18th birthdays. I think it is now the point in my life where I would attend numerous bridal showers and weddings. Done when we  attended 18th birthdays every month way back in college. But I think it’s lovely to see friends and some family members getting married finally.

Anyway next month is almost my birthday month. My mom gave birth on a Valentine’s Day. So cheesy. 🙂 So yeah next month will be the start of my quarter life. And I cannot wait for the next years after that.

Tomorrow I shall be back on flying again after my three days off. Having a normal life was difficult for the past three days. It’s not easy to squeeze friends, family, boyfriend, and some errands in just three days. I also forgot to watch the three DVD’s that I got last week. And forgot to have time for myself like go to have a simple manicure and pedicure or even a relaxing body massage for that matter. So I’ll probably plan that for next week. So for today, off shall I go to the supermarket to buy some snacks for my duty tomorrow and some cat food.

Have a great Monday!

Flight attendant, twenty-something, loves passengers who behave, hates unruly passengers. Cannot live without chocolate, vanilla ice cream, pasta with anything, Reese's Peanut Butter cups, cashmere cardigan, hot water bottles, Vaseline, concealer and eyeliner and some blush. Red pumps, rainy days, hot water with honey and lime, stolen shots, lovable kids, undisturbed sleeps, clean lavatories.

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