Finally recurrent training is over. Flight attendants are required to attend their recurrent training annually. It’s like you are renewing your driver’s license every year minus the fire fighting drill. Hehe. We have to do all of those things again that we did when we had initial training. Aircraft familiarization, it depends on which type of aircraft that we’re qualified for. First aid, fire drills, ditching, emergency procedures, etc. We have to take those long tests again too. This is required to all as per FAA and ATO requirements.

After the RT as what we call, we are also required to have check rides. Wherein a supervisor would board a flight with us, non-operational, and therefore conduct the check ride on which leg that he is assigned too. It begins with the briefing, the preparation of the aircraft, boarding, compliance, service, and everything else that needs to be checked. We are also asked a few questions regarding all of the things that we took up from the previous RT days. It might be stressful for the first timers because they have no idea on what will happen in the next few days. But if it is your second of third, it will just be a breeze.

After the busy week, we headed south to Laiya and took a break. Now I’m all tanned, hyped up, and ready to fly again.