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I haven’t posted an entry for the longest time. Anyway, what’s keeping me busy these days is that I have a new dog! Her name is Alex and she’s a three month golden retriever. Very active, which is kind of good, so I can also run after her for some exercise. I was told to look after what she eats or else she will be overweight for her age. I honestly forgot how to take care of a dog. The last time I had mine was when back when I was 11. And mind the expenses too. Shots, grooming, vitamins, and of course food. Now I’m in the process of training her of where she should do her business and what not. She’s still learning of retrieving things, and keeps on chewing her toys. Alex keeps me relaxed whenever I come home. We don’t put her in a cage yet, not until she’s fully grown. She wanders around the house and the people her helps me train her as well. She sleeps on a doggie bed that my mom gave me inside my room. And what’s sweet is that she wakes me up as if she’s trying to shake my arm. But that’s not good if I came from a long haul. 🙂 Other than that it’s great to have a dog again running around at home.

Inspite of all the drama and you see on the news for the past few weeks, I hope that everything will be okay. As being a part of the aviation industry, it’s not easy to wake up in the morning, greet passengers as if you had a nice sleep, stay and try to keep awake, keep the passengers safe, comfortable and relaxed, and come back to your domicile. It’s not easy to risk your body on the hazards of flying. It’s not easy to train for two months and memorize the manuals that you should know by heart and soul. And it’s not easy to let your loved ones make them think that it is safer to fly. Other than that, we need to be heard. We need the people let us know that we are also human. It’s not about the money, the per diems, the glamour and all. For me it’s about understanding, compassion and consideration as well.

When Glee started on it’s first few episodes, I thought that it was just the usual high school series where jocks and cheerleaders would appear. My boyfriend told me that it was quite good not until I saw a clip of their rendition of “Don’t Stop Believing” – now I’m hooked! I even have it on my alarm every Wednesdays at 4:00 PM and 10:00 PM. Also has the new season so I cannot be left behind.

On the other hand, I called in sick this morning. I have this flu again, which I remember, I should have got the flu vaccine months ago. But nonetheless, with the crazy weather that we’re having right now, anybody could catch it. My head feels so light and nose is so red. To top it all off, I cannot taste anything, and almost finished three large boxes of Kleenex since last night. Now all I need is my bed, a steaming bowl of chicken soup, some siomai, and my laptop to keep me sane.

Here’s the lastest on Glee. 🙂

I’ve missed a couple of emails regarding questions about my job. So I decided to make a Formspring too so I can reply instantly. Sometimes I do not have the time to open emails. I have different emails so I can’t barely to open all of it. Add me if you have Formpsring too. 🙂

One clip from an episode from Family Guy would be perfect. 🙂 I really enjoy watching this one.

Again, Happy Mother’s Day!

A new comfort food though. Enough about eating chocolate cakes, McDonald’s french fries, Oreos, clam chowders and everything else. I’m starting to like tuna with pesto slammed between two toasted wheat bread. That’s what my batchmate made me when we flew together for Vancouver. So I decided to make some for myself a day after we arrived. Weather over Vancouver was crazy. Think about having a chilly weather over there and scorching heat over Manila. Makes you go crazy and would want yourself to lock inside a room with a really cold air conditioner.  The purser also brought this whole chocolate cake from Conti’s which everybody loves because it was her birthday three days ago. Of course the cake didn’t last for more than fifteen minutes!

Surprisingly for this layover, I didn’t get any MAC products. But all I need is that MAC 219 brush that I can’t get my hands on.

So i will have a long three-day off again. I guess I’ll clean my room for tomorrow and throw out junk from last year. I will also try to redecorate my room for a change this year. I’m clearly thinking of a Paris-themed room. Paris, France that is, not Paris Hilton. Hehee.

Good luck to the PEXers who keeps on trying (and not definitely quitting) on applying for a cabin crew position. Do not let others pull you down. You’ll soon have your own wings. 🙂

Since I cannot place a chatbox, shoutbox, tagboard, whatever you may call at my side bar, I will just place a link there so everyone could place messages, questions, but no haters please. 🙂

Happy Monday!

So I’ve not been online for a few weeks now. Having a great roster requires you to have a normal life too. To start the year off I attendant two baptisms and three weddings. Three weddings! Reminds me of the movie 27 Dresses perhaps. Anyway, it almost made me broke on buying a few dresses and shoes as well. And yes some presents too. So for next month, another event to do are a few bridal showers and 18th birthdays. I think it is now the point in my life where I would attend numerous bridal showers and weddings. Done when we  attended 18th birthdays every month way back in college. But I think it’s lovely to see friends and some family members getting married finally.

Anyway next month is almost my birthday month. My mom gave birth on a Valentine’s Day. So cheesy. 🙂 So yeah next month will be the start of my quarter life. And I cannot wait for the next years after that.

Tomorrow I shall be back on flying again after my three days off. Having a normal life was difficult for the past three days. It’s not easy to squeeze friends, family, boyfriend, and some errands in just three days. I also forgot to watch the three DVD’s that I got last week. And forgot to have time for myself like go to have a simple manicure and pedicure or even a relaxing body massage for that matter. So I’ll probably plan that for next week. So for today, off shall I go to the supermarket to buy some snacks for my duty tomorrow and some cat food.

Have a great Monday!

after three days of my arrival, digging into my trolley – soon I realized, I left my USB flash drive in San Francisco.

Bummer. 😦

I know it’s late so I will not wait another year to greet everyone. Thankfully I didn’t celebrate the Holidays this year on board. And not on New Year’s too. Also I have a wonderful roster this coming January.

Christmas in our home was fine. Finally we were complete this year. Last year I was in mid air, my uncle was in the US for some convention, and two of my cousins were on duty at the hospitals for their rounds. So for this year, nobody missed Noche Buena. Surprisingly I didn’t eat much! I used to binge and starve myself but last December 24th, I think I only ate a piece of chicken, and the rest were mostly desserts. Hehe. Guess that comes with the stress that normally a cabin crew would have. Cause I flew the other day and woke up the following day so there’s no enough room for appetite. On the other hand, I finally got the headphones and portable speakers that I want. Thanks to my mom and my tita!

Skullcandy Lowrider


iHome iP29 Portable Speaker System for iPhone and iPod

And a fellow cabin crew gave me a gadget travel organizer that I really need.

Built NY Cargo Travel Organizer

So for today I’ll be staying home for a while, give the dog a bath, do some errands, and be normal again. 🙂

Happy Monday!

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