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I’m so lucky to have days off on Sundays for this December’s roster. More time for my family, friends, and my caprichosahan. On my way to the kitchen, I saw this plastic box that I haven’t seen in years.

Sorry for the image, it’s kind of blurry because I just woke up and took a shot. Anyway, I love this batch of cookies. Next to Mrs. Field’s. It’s soft, moist, and chocolatey! Now it feels more like at home. When I was in high school, my mom would always buy chocolate chip cookies from everywhere. When I started to love these ones from Pricemart, I can’t get enough of it. See there’s only two left. 🙂 Now I’m getting more batches so I can bring in flight.  Also, there’s more to love. The muffins that are big enough for one, and the sumptuous apple pie that’s to die for.

Everything’s done! For the Christmas shopping of course. Now comes the most harassing part. The gift wrapping. I haven’t wrapped the remaining presents. So for this day off, I’ll be locked in my room, eating more cookies and wrapping more presents. Then this late afternoon, I’ll probably head to hear mass and have bibingka all over again. I’ve missed these kind of things not to mention Simbang Gabi, since  I have a crazy life ahead of me now. So for this Sunday, I’ll take everything nice and slow, and make everyone feel that for a day, I am a normal person just like everybody else inside the house, not worrying about what to pack for the next layover.

So, right now I’m quite excited for the Christmas gift that I’ve purchased for myself! I’ll have to wait for a few more days though. 🙂

Enjoy the rest of the day! ❤


I had an account on this site that you can practically make a list about everything. If you’re running out of thoughts, there’s a generator so you can just write about anything you wish to be listed. I made mine this morning (just because I got bored again at home.) I personally think that this is a great idea so you can have goals in life. And I might get addicted to it again.

My Listography

I’m listed on standby for the last three days now. Tomorrow it’s my day off so I’ll be hitting the mall with some friends to finally unwind and get some retail theraphy. I also need a haircut since the ends are getting dry. Anyway, I stumbled upon a random blog while blogsurfing this afternoon. I haven’t tried to join these kinds of online contests so here it goes:

3 Rules of the giveaway:
1. You must be a follower of
2. Comment on THIS post saying ‘I want in!’ with your e-mail address (where I can contact you in-case you win). Only 1 comment per person, otherwise your entry will be disqualified.
3. Blog about this giveaway and link me back your post on the comment from #2!

That’s all! Easy, right? xx

This giveaway ends on December 7, 2009 at 11:59PM GMT and is open internationally. Two (2) lucky winners will be chosen at random via If you win, I will send you an e-mail, and you must reply within 48 hours of receiving it otherwise your entry will be disqualified and another entry will be chosen.

Two (2) winners will receive one (1) Sleek eyeshadow palette each:

The first entry picked will win the Sleek Sunset eyeshadow palette – 12 eyeshadows of warm smokey tones.

The second entry picked will win the Sleek Graphite eyeshadow palette – 12 eyeshadows of monochrome & jewel tones.

Hello there! It’s been a while since I logged in. I find myself very busy with catching up with the world again. Last month I had a lot of long haul flights that causes my body to suffer from jet lag again. So now I’ve been dozzing off tried to fix my body clock again. This month’s roster is quite okay – not so many long hauls and a few domestic flights. I requested for a RON in Cebu so I can be with my batchmates again. Anyway, since I’ve been everywhere this month, I already started my early Christmas shopping. Actually my grandma is the early bird. She does her shopping on October. Already completed the list – from my family, boyfriend, boyfriend’s family, college buddies, colleagues, neighbors, godsons and goddaughters that doubled up this year. I started shopping for my family first. The last would be my boyfriend. I always have a hard time trying to figure out what’s the best gift for him. Of course I have a budget. But I really want to give something what he really needs. I’m the type who would always think of what to give to someone, so I can that he or she can really use it, not recycle it for next year. Hehe. I have this medium sized box in room. Literally. I place most of the things that I’ve bought and have my list with me. I’m obsessive-compulsive like that. Then next would be the hoarding of gift boxes, wrappers, and tons of ribbons. In this household, I basically do all of the wrapping. It’s my job since I was a kid. So the entire clan would know that I was the one who wrapped the presents because they know my style.

I am also looking for bazaars this season. Somehow I missed the numerous bazaars all over the city last month since I had a busy schedule. Would help if someone would give me details. 🙂

So it’s my second day off. Now I’ll be heading to do some groceries and do some dog sitting since my cousins are out of town. And I’m stuck in the city to do some errands.


For some reason I feel so drained, hungry and tired after coming home from a flight this early morning. The moment I got home, I drank lots of water and some tea before going to bed. And the moment I woke up after having trouble sleeping, I gobbled up on some adobo with rice and a slice of chocolate cake. And now I’m all getting drowsy again, but not sleepy. Jetlag!

Anyway I saw this shirt, and I completely fell in love with. Of course every GG Fan wants one.

mrs_chuck_bass_tshirt-p235296758555513846tdhl_210$17.95 from But of course you can get one yours here in Manila. There are lots of stores that could customized shirts. Like the T-Shirt Project.

I am fully awake now. Hit the mall and tire myself so I can go to sleep early this evening. Need to fix my body clock. Enjoy the week! Happy Mondays!


Philippine Red Cross


Team Manila stores in Trinoma, Mall of Asia, Jupiter Bel-Air & Rockwell shall be accepting relief goods for distribution by Veritas.

Woke up from a jetlag hungry and tired. Came home this evening with heavy rain, woke up this morning with heavier rain. Now I’m stuck at home, missing the Saturday afternoon get together with some friends, and probably the dinner this evening with other group of friends. Dear, why this Saturday! Now I don’t have DVD’s to watch. I’m with my forever favorite Jollibee spaghetti and some vanilla ice cream as my comfort food for today. I hope the rain would stop by later this evening so tomorrow I could get a hot oil treatment, some mani and pedi and probably a hair trim. I badly need some pampering. So October roster is out. I’ll try to swap my Hong Kong flight to BKK since my mom will go there with her friends.

One of the crew from my flight gave me an ELF Natural Radiance Blusher.

W200 276

ELF Natural Radiance Blusher in Innocence

Small, yet pigmented.

Small, yet pigmented.

For me it’s kind of like the cheaper version of a MAC Mineralize Skinfinish. I’ve tried it twice and it’s a bit dark for me. Hence, I love the dewy effect and how it catches the light. You can buy it at ELF kiosks at Php 129.00. Check it at their website too.

The hell with you Ondoy! Hehe. So for everyone, unless it’s not very important, please do stay at home. 🙂

I’m basically recovering from the flu that I’ve had since last week. Would like to thank the french onion soups and home cooking that made it even more comforting for me.

Then again what could be possibly worst than UP losing! I was rooting for UP and expecting that they will have a grand slam. I like their routine – it was themed “Pinoy” with the jeepney props, OPM and all. That was sad. Also was really surprised that UST wasn’t that good. Compared to the previous years that the two universities would kill to be on top. What was more surprising was that FEU won. Gone were the days when the UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe deserves to be called a “dance troupe”. Who wouldn’t love their routines and dancing skills as well? The twirling, spinning and gorgeous pyramids, with lesser stunts. I remember a friend of mine who I was with a school play back in college. He was a member of the troupe. And he had background in jazz and ballet. He told me that during their time most of the dancers could dance jazz and ballet. And when a hip hop tune is on, they can adjust to it in a snap of a finger. On the other hand, I like the dancers of the UP Pep Squad because of their dance skills as well. Well choreographed routines and snappy moves. And gone were the days when everybody was nervous inside the Big Dome, because these two teams are fighting for first place. Oh well, it’s a cycle. Next year I hope UP or UST will win. Don’t you miss college?

I recently found out that I am the only one who hasn’t read Cecelia Ahern’s “P.S. I Love You”. And Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler was in the movie. What have I missed. Must head down to the bookstore to grab a copy.

So by Tueday I hope that I’ll be perfectly fit to fly again. I miss flying. I miss my friends and the passengers’ frown when you greet them with your best smile. 🙂

Have a great week guys! It’s payday-week. Spend it wisely! 😛

Apparently after having a long haul flight, I came home and woke up the following morning with a major headache. Followed by sneezes and sniffles and then a fever. After a few hours I realized that I already have watery eyes. Later on called at the office and told the clerk that I’ll be on sick leave. So now I’m on my third day, with nothing else to do because I already finished the two dvd’s on Gossip Girl Seasons 1 and 2. Now I cannot wait for season 3! But I am a bit okay now, compared to the past few days that I can barely stand up straight. My trash bin is almost full of tissues. Was too lazy (way too lazy) to get up, now my back hurts because I was on bed all day. I only have the chance to get up if I’ll be heading down the bathroom.  So yeah the sun hasn’t been around for days and making my flu worse. Drinking tons of water makes me feel like drowning. So thank God my mom makes the best dalandan juice, and warm calamansi juice. Also what comforts me, Body Shop’s Olive Body Butter. It’s my third tub and it’s so luxurious for me. I always slather onto my elbows and knees and calves before going to sleep. It feels so soft in the morning.  I always carry it with me wherever I go and don’t mind if it’s a bit heavy. On the lighter note, I bought some stuff with me during the layover. I finally got the NYX palette that I wanted. Will post swatches soon.

So right now I’ll go back to bed and try to have a catnap in bit. 🙂


So a friend of mine emailed me this snippet that she got from somewhere. I thought it was really funny because most of it are true!

"Listen, and LISTEN very well."

"Listen, and LISTEN very well."


You think you have what it takes to be a flight attendant’s boyfriend? Here are FEW things you have to put through. And that’s why they say these jet setters are the Top 3 Most Spoiled Girlfriends in the World. If you’re in a relationship with one: man, we give it up to you…. And If you’re planning to have one:

Be prepared, Be very very… prepared.

1. Do Not expect her to drive the car. She’s most not likely to have a driving license, she’d say “Babe, I only have a passport.”

2. Familiarize yourself with SKYPE, YM’s. VoIPs. She worships those amazing discoveries.

3. DO treat her like a princess before she can treat you like her king. Get ready for statements like “Buy me food, or else Ill break up with you!”

4. DO NOT be surprised if she wants you to take several shots of vaccines: Hepa B, Hepa A, Meningitis, Yellow Fever etc. etc.

5. Stay away when her roster comes out. That’s the next worse time to PMS.

6. BE grateful of her smile. You get it for free. IN the skies, it’s worth 6 digits.

7. BE READY to see yourself 5 to 10 years from now. She wants a man who knows his direction.

8. DO give importance to time, preferably Military time. 21:16 is NEVER the same as 21:17

9. DO NOT wake her up when she’s sleeping, even if you wonder “ she must be hungry after sleeping 18 hours already!” Again, LET her wake up by herself.

10. DO NOT mess with how she arranges her suitcase. Boots are for Boots sack, shampoos are for toilettries, undies are for undies bag and so on.

11. DO NOT expect her to remember names of your friends in one sitting.

12. DO NOT accuse her of bragging when she says she went to Paris for Coffee or just hit the gym in Berlin. She’s just plainly, innocently telling you a story.

13. Do not get intimidated by the beautiful men around him, chances are she’s already used to/sick of seeing hotness in form. Those men have lost their beauty.

14. DO NOT call her on the phone when she’s on Standby. DO NOT… ever.

15. Do NOT question why Half of the dresses in her closet has never been worn, and she still complains, she doesn’t have anymore.

16. Do Not remove any clothes you think is too much in his suitcase, remember: she has four sets of outfit in her suitcase: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Fall.

17. She expects you to learn how to read an Aviator watch.

18. And when she gives you that expensive Aviator watch, Do not Ask her: “ what time is it there in Khartoum?”

19. The next best gift to a Limited Louis Vuitton bag is a fancy Dual Time Watch.

20. She carries a First Aid Kit with her and 26 kinds of Supplements: Vit C,E,A,B, anti-Oxidants, Gingko Biloba, Evening Primrose Oil, Horseradish Capsules, etc. etc. even those Pills (damn-those!) you request her to take everyday!

21. At least buy McDonalds before your holiday flight, she prefers it over aircraft food, and yes even over the caviars in first class cabin.

22. Understand that discovering a designer dress on the clearance rack can be considered a peak life experience.

23. Make sure of the inaccuracy of your bathroom scale.

24. Remind her which country she is in first thing when she wakes up in the morning

25. During dinner, when she asks you whether you like chicken or beef… Oboohooy! you better think fast!

26. Begin to be scared when you oversee a long line in Immigration, she has zero tolerance on airport queues.

27. Work your muscle for a trip together, you’ll be carrying at least four baggages for her. A Gucci make-up bag, a Paul Smith, a World Traveller Trolley, and a Burberry Laptop bag at least for a Domestic Flight.

28. A bouquet of flowers is THE if not, THE ONLY way to say “I missed you” when you pick her up at the airport.

29. Prepare yourself for her jetlag, otherwise known as the PFS or the POST Flight Syndrome. You should be awake when she is and asleep when she is . You don’t want to see a whole 72 hours of tantrums.

30. And lastly, it might seem like she thinks she is overqualified for love. But DO remember that in reality, she feels like she is just an ordinary girl standing in front of a boy, asking him…

For a foot rub… after a damn…long flight. ☺

Flight attendant, twenty-something, loves passengers who behave, hates unruly passengers. Cannot live without chocolate, vanilla ice cream, pasta with anything, Reese's Peanut Butter cups, cashmere cardigan, hot water bottles, Vaseline, concealer and eyeliner and some blush. Red pumps, rainy days, hot water with honey and lime, stolen shots, lovable kids, undisturbed sleeps, clean lavatories.

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